Product quality

The main goal of DRUKPOL.FLEXO is to deliver products of the highest quality within the declared time. This task is carried out by a separate operational pillar in the company, which is the Quality Assurance Department. This pillar was created in order to build conscious TQM management. Through the set goals, individual activities are defined, which, after implementation, are to assure the assumed results.

DRUKPOL.FLEXO achieves exceptional quality of its products, inter alia, thanks to the quality control of the parameters set in each production process, carried out by experienced machine operators and the scrutiny of our laboratory.

Additional support in maintaining high standards of our products and exceptional quality is provided by an extensive system of quality audits conducted by trained auditors.

Thanks to the continuous improvement of the quality management system, which is in compliance with the requirements of the BRC Packaging standard, our products are of supreme quality and safety rendering customer satisfaction.

The company focuses on expanding competences of our employees, therefore every new solution, after being carefully analysed, is developed on dedicated tools and is implemented through training of dedicated employees, preceded by the required formal documentation.

While producing products according to the client’s expectations and competently performing work at each work station, the company operates in accordance with all legal regulations for the production of plastic packaging, environmental protection and health and safety.


DRUKPOL.FLEXO aims to partner with every company that focuses on quality.

We are a leading company in the flexographic industry, operating on the market for over 28 years.

The strategic goal of our Management System Policy is a full customer satisfaction, achieved through a comprehensive service at all levels of our cooperation, favourable to the natural environment, guaranteeing the hygienic safety of our products from the health and safety point of view.

DRUKPOL.FLEXO, as a professional manufacturer of flexible plastic packaging with a technologically advanced production plants, will achieve its goals by:

  1. Full dedication to the needs of our customers, delivering excellent quality products, in full, on time.
  2. Continuous improvement of the Management System according to the BRC Packaging standard, and in compliance with the Industry’s Manufacturing and Hygienic Practice in packaging production.
  3. Responsibility of our employees for the best quality, hygiene during the production processes, and work environment.
  4. Preventing environmental pollution by increasing the awareness and qualifications of our employees, as well as planned reductions in the daily work place operation, as to limit, to the minimum, the amount of waste.
  5. Systematic technological development through investment, innovation and the employee training programs.

The full commitment of our Management Board and employees in the implementation of the set goals, allows our company to continuously, and dynamically, develop and maintain the status of a reliable business partner.

Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct at DRUKPOL.FLEX

The basis of Drukpol.Flexo Sp. z o.o. program of business conduct principles is to conduct business in an ethical and lawful manner in all aspects of its operations. Drukpol.Flexo Sp z o.o. confirms its conduct in accordance with Eti Base Code principles by organizing ethical audits. Reports are available for contractors to view on SEDEX, the largest platform dedicated to sustainability in the supply chain. SEDEX identification number: ZC1016161

Principles of Ethics and Law

DRUKPOL.FLEXO is committed to adhering to the highest standards of ethical conduct, in full compliance with applicable national and international legal regulations, including, among others, regulations in the field of combating monopolistic practices, supporting fair competition, counteracting bribery and corruption, compliance with the employment law provisions, environmental protection rules, human rights and the recognised international standards, protection of copyrights, company property and other forms of property.

Our company deems as utmost unbreachable the aspects of privacy and independence of our employees, as well as complies to the regulations protecting personal data and commercial data of our manufacturing products.

A Socially Responsible Company

Our employees are obliged to respect and promote the values of our company, supporting and promoting the principles of teamwork, individual responsibility and strength resulting from diversity. DRUKPOL.FLEXO promotes fair remuneration to its employees and safe working conditions.

Our company is committed to implementing the idea of equal opportunities in all its practices, policies and recruitment procedures. By meeting all the requirements for a given position, no employee or potential employee of the company, will experience discrimination on the basis of race, religion, ethnic background, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, views or disabilities.

Respect for the individual and the community

One of our fundamental value is respect for our social and natural environment. We are committed to the idea of sustainable development by protecting the environment, promoting social responsibility and supporting economic progress.

Sustainability, or sustainable development, in our opinion, means meeting the needs of customers, employees and communities, while ensuring that the future generations will also have access to natural resources to meet their needs. We are aware that the long-term prosperity and success of our company is related to our strategy to support continuous development with respect to the health and safety measures.

Employees have the right to establish trade unions, a works council or other body representing their interests towards the employer. Employees have the option of submitting anonymous complaints.

Human rights

As a company guided by the principles of ethics and respect for the law, DRUKPOL.FLEXO complies with government regulations in the field of human rights, labour rights and employment law, as well as it expects ethical conduct on the part of its employees. Together with the international community, our company recognises the fact that certain laws are fundamental and universal.

These include, but are not limited to: freedom from discrimination on the basis of race, colour, nationality, national origin, age, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or other status of an individual; freedom from arbitrary deprivation of liberty, freedom of assembly, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, and freedom of speech and expression.

DRUKPOL.FLEXO will not use child labour or forced labour.

We will not accept any violations of international law, and internationally recognised workplace standards in relation to the working conditions or treatment of its employees.

It is strictly forbidden at DRUKPOL.FLEXO to imply any physical punishments, threats of violence, harassment, sexual harassment, or any other forms of mental or physical coercion or violence against our employees. Overtime work is only voluntary.

Employee health and safety

As a company that prioritises safety of its employees, DRUKPOL.FLEXO assures a safe working environment, for all of its employees and business partners, by complying with the government regulations and internal health and safety measures.

At DRUKPOL.FLEXO we assure the continuous improvement of the management system, limiting the harmful impact of the work environment on safety of our employees, as well as expanding their competences in the principles of safe work, through employee-training.


We operate in accordance with all applicable competition laws. DRUKPOL.FLEXO will not enter into any agreement that is limiting, or impeding the competition of our business realm, and the fair rules of our market.


DRUKPOL.FLEXO will make every effort to sign contracts only with subcontractors, or suppliers, that operate in respect with human rights, as well as, the industry’s good practices and regulations of law in the field of competition and environmental protection.

Anti-corruption policy and reporting any violations or requests

DRUKPOL.FLEXO is a company that does not tolerate corrupt behavior consisting in the abuse of positions or functions in order to obtain undue financial or personal benefits. The anti-corruption rules implemented in the company apply to all employees, business partners, suppliers of materials and services, and other entities with which the company cooperates.
Corruption is understood as promising, offering, giving or accepting in any form, regardless of the value of any benefits, motivated by the will to cause or reward unlawful, unethical or infringing behavior, where the “benefit” is in particular: money, gifts, awards, preferential treatment, job offers, sponsorship of travel or consumption.
The principles of anti-corruption activities are implemented at Drukpol.Flexo by: not accepting and not giving any material or financial benefit; not soliciting opportunities for offers of any financial or material benefit or other unconventional behavior promoting the selection of a given contractor; promoting fairness and transparent conduct in all areas of business; compliance with the principle of equal treatment of entities cooperating with the Company.
The company increases the awareness of its employees as to the principles and possibilities of counteracting corruption practices and undertakes to take appropriate and proportionate actions against the existing corrupt practices.

Any violations of the anti-corruption policy can be reported using the contact form on the website in the Contact tab. If you wish to submit an anonymous report, it is not necessary to enter real data, it is enough to fill in the fields: name, surname, position with any letters. In the case of filling in the “e-mail” field, enter the e-mail address (the name may be incorrect). After entering the content of the notification, select “applications / notifications” as the industry and the “other” option from the drop-down list.

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