New Products Development

DRUKPOL.FLEXO implements new products based on our New Product Introduction (NPI) methodology, custom-fitted for our clients. Internally developed, our method defines implementation steps such as:

  1. Project card that meets the Six Sigma DMAIC design standards
  2. Analysis of the voice of the client and the voice of business
  3. Transposition of VoC to CTQ
  4. Risk analysis: DFMEA and PFMEA
  5. Process control plan
  6. Internal and external tests
  7. Product specification

Standardisation of the NPI process, which is based on selected tools of the Six Sigma DMAIC and TQM projects, is aimed at ensuring the effective implementation of a new product based on an analysis of the real needs of the client. The entire implementation process is transparent and ensures continuous communication for our business partners.

For DRUKPOL.FLEXO, the most important aspect is to deliver the value expected by our customers. The implementation of new products based on our internally developed NPI methodology, the most modern production plant, together with the specialist know-how, guarantee the highest quality and implementation efficiency.