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Quality Assurance

konrola jakościQuality Control Department monitors all stages of the production process to provide the highest quality products and gain customer satisfaction. The basis for ensuring safety is the control of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products and control of technical documentation.

Drukpol.Flexo company has modern equipment for laboratory testing manufactured packaging. Research is conducted according to national and international standards and methods of their own.

The laboratory is equipped with:
- Gas chromatograph  Schimadzu
- 2 strength machines Zwick's
- Spectrophotometer UV - VIS
- Barcode verifiers
- The barrier test chamber
- autoclave
- Laboratory sealer
- Hot sealer - Tack
- Analytical balances
- opacytometer
- densitometer
- gages
- hygrometer
- Laminar flow chamber
- Spectrophotometers color (X-Rite)
- Compartment light (daylight, UV, CWF, A, U30 TL84)

This schedule is subject to equipment calibration and validation.

With the expertise and experience of Quality Controllers Drukpol.Flexo is a supplier of secure packaging products characterized by the highest quality. Systematic training and modification of the manufacturing process allow for the continuous development of the company and acquire new customers.